GADE & MORTENSEN • AKUSTIK A/S is an acoustic consulting company specializing in architectural acoustics.

Based on our vast experience from consulting as well as teaching and research we provide leading edge consultancy within all aspects of room and building acoustics to projects both in Denmark and abroad.

Gade & Mortensen • Akustik A/S was founded by MSc, PhD Anders Chr. Gade and MSc Bo Mortensen, who individually and in cooperation has provided acoustic consultancy for institutions, architects and engineers for decades.

The basis for our work is the owners’ many years of consulting experience as well as our background as researchers and teachers at The Technical University of Denmark and the School of Architecture at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

Our company provide services primarily within consultancy, design and measurements regarding room acoustic, sound isolation, AV-installations and noise. Our specialties are acoustic design and client advice for performing arts venues and other buildings with high acoustic demands.

Gade & Mortensen Akustik A/S provides consultancy characterized by strong personal involvement and close contact between client and consultant.

The close relationship with the field of architecture has made it natural for us to focus on the dialogues with the architect in the planning phase as well as in the design process – and on the special acoustic challenges associated with current architectural trends and the possibilities for integrating the acoustic treatment with the architectural design.


Danish Royal Theater, Copenhagen and Uppsala Concerthouse, Sweden

Gade & Mortensen • Akustik provide:

  • Planning
  • Assistance during competitions
  • Client advice
  • Consultancy
  • Design
  • Site inspection
  • Acoustic measurements and calculations
  • Courses
- within the following areas:

  • Sound isolation
  • Room acoustics
  • Acoustics on orchestra stages
  • AV installations
  • Occupational noise
  • Noise from technical installations
  • Industrial noise
  • Traffic noise